Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dear Friends

 Everybody knows Jimmy Fortune, but not everybody knows that Jimmy and I are both from Nelson county, Virginia. I have expressed my love for our home country through my writing, and Jimmy has paid tribute through his music What an honor to have him sing "Virginia Dreams" directly to me while some scenes from my documentary are illustrated.

All contributions welcome and appreciated. Please go to:

Earl Hamner, Story Teller. Documentary


  1. I suggest everyone watch this it was wonderful brought tears to my eyes can't wait for the documentary thank you earl for sharing God Bless You

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  7. New Years brings yet another Twilight Zone marathon, and another showcase for your great writing. You had the honor of being the writer of the final episode of this great series, I would love to ask you ONE question about it... How different was the produced episode from your script? There are some odd edits and even repeated scenes in the episode, as if something major was cut and they padded it out. It would be fantastic if you could post about this episode and maybe link to your original story! Thanks for everything!

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